The Isha System is a method with 7  very simple to use but extremely powerful tools for personal growth and the expansion of consciousness. It does not have a belief system or theories, it is easy for anyone to incorporate into a busy lifestyle and its daily use naturally and effectively improves our physical, emotional and mental health. One of the components is a practice very similar to meditation, that ANYONE can implement, with eyes closed, to nurture the observer and go deep within, and with eyes open, to remain centered, in the present moment, during the whole day.

If you have heard and are curious about Mindfulness you will find the Isha System simply amazing.



—Interrupt the constant flow of thoughts and increase awareness.
—Help heal past emotional trauma.
—Help free yourself from addictions.
—Develop empathy and intuition.
—Have more clarity.
—Face the challenges of life with serenity, efficiency and satisfaction.
—Improve communication, helping cultivate more loving and nourishing relationships.
—Increase confidence, passion for life, productivity and creativity.
—Learn to love ourselves in a deeper level, beyond the external achievements.
—Improve stress-related symptoms or illnesses that are worsened by stress, like gastritis, migraines, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, certain skin rashes, burnout, among others.
—Remain centered, in the present moment, during your daily activities.
—Find an ideal balance between life and work.
—Enjoy more the present moment, like a kid, instead of second-guessing yourself all the time.
—Boost your immune system (due to diminished basal sympathetic activity) and accelerate physical recovery.

The complete Seminar normally takes place in 2 days, with 12 hours of learning and practice in total.

If learned through Skype, it can be divided in 3 days, 2 to 3 hours each time.

Following the Seminar, there are weekly group Meetings where we meditate together, practice the components number 6. (Being real, vulnerable and completely human) and 7. (Always speaking your truth), deepen and accelerate our growth, with other students and the facilitator.

To get personalized guidance and assistance, you can also have private sessions with Victoria, either through Skype or in person.

If you are interested in inner growth, consciousness, and have a certain courage required to face your shadows to leap into the best version of yourself; if you are busy but want to increase your clarity and have found until now meditation difficult or boring, if you already meditate and are ready to grow faster and go deeper, this is an excellent method for you!

For more information about Isha Judd or her centers in Mexico and Uruguay, please check the international site: www.ishajudd.com


“The Isha System is designed to cultivate unconditional love of self. It rapidly expands and stabilizes an inner experience of peace and joy, from which we can transform our lives from the inside out.

The facets of this system help us stop wandering off into the past and future, and start giving the here and now our undivided attention: the present, where life is really happening.

Ultimately, this system is focused on bringing us from victim to creator. A victim waits to see what transpires, while a creator determines who he will become” Isha Judd.


2 thoughts on “WHAT IS THE ISHA SYSTEM?

  1. Lilla Tenkei

    Dear Victoria,

    I would like to ask how can I learn the Isha System if I am not able to attend a seminar in person. How can I learn it online? Are there specific dates for online seminars or is it a 1 on 1 coaching?

    Thank you for your answer in advance!

    Lilla Tenkei

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