A retreat rapidly accelerates the growth of any individual who has already learnt the Isha System© Seminar. Meditating for long hours in group intensifies the process of healing, providing a space of profound growth and personal evolution.

The Isha teachers/facilitators hold daily meetings during the retreats, and are available throughout for individual support.

A retreat is a great opportunity to take a break from the hectic rhythm of modern life, and dedicate a few days to yourself. A true holiday for the soul, the retreats give the individual the opportunity to relax, go inwards and nurture their connection to themselves.

Last one-day retreat held in Berlin post:

“We started the day with Yoga in the Park, had an organic green smoothie for brunch and meditated for around 4 hours until the meeting were everybody moved deep emotional stuff. Then we used conscious touch to nurture, anchor in the body, facilitate the release of emotions, face fears and relax. Great. Finally a vegetarian dinner to end an intense day. What a perfect way to spend a Saturday!”