Emotional Crisis + Physical Health Consulting

“I was feeling very scared after I received the results of a study (Video Fluoroscopic Swallowing Exam). I had been having problems to swallow solids and I didn’t know who to turn to. I also had my period 3 times in a month and the gynecologist mentioned I might need surgery. I needed the opinion of a medical doctor but I wanted an integral view, a view of the whole situation let’s say, and not only the symptoms. Through a Session via Skype, Victoria helped me feel and express the emotional whirlwind I was going through. She helped me also see the relation of the symptoms with a relationship break-up and deal with that emotional pain. And it is so that now I’m feeling much more centered, which helps me view everything in a more positive and clear light. When I went to see the surgeon I could explain to him how I was feeling and that helped him a lot with the diagnosis. He was then very honest and gave me other options. So everything is muuuch better now. Thank you Victoria!”  Clarisa H., Argentina.

Private Coaching Sessions

“At the beginning of 2016 I reached out to Victoria with a question about meditation, I was looking for a new technique and some guidance. Pretty soon we started working with the Isha system through Skype sessions. And I followed up on her daily tasks for me. Working with Victoria is pleasant. She is a good listener and observer who knows how to shift the important information from the unimportant and get to the core of the issue. With focusing on the body, meditation and especially moving my emotions like anger, I could notice a change in being present instantly. Not only did I feel ‘lighter’, I was more centered and I could bring myself to select and finish the things which needed to be done in a day without getting overwhelmed by thoughts/feelings which caused me to feel bad and blocked. I am very happy to have been introduced to this new technique. Thank you Victoria.” D.W., Amsterdam.


Isha System Student

I am incredibly happy and grateful for this gift that was given to me by my dear teacher Victoria, who provides undivided, honest and loving support by sharing her knowledge, expertise and personal experiences.”  M.G. Netherlands.

Full text:

“For quite a long time, I had been interested in everything related to inner growth and the expansion of awareness. I was reading everything I could find that was related to this topic and started meditation myself. Yet, I felt that the progress went very slow and I didn´t perceive significant changes. For this reason I started to search for events in the neighborhood that would gather likeminded people. And so I found a seminar of the Isha system. Never had I heard about this system before, however, I was immediately drawn to it. I decided to read a book and after I was convinced to attend the seminar to learn about it more in depth. I really feel that my heart had brought me to it, because, since I have been practicing, I feel that something inside of me is shifting in perspective and this is exactly what I needed and wanted.

What I am learning now is to look deep inside myself and I am discovering so many things that are insightful, beautiful and sometimes also painful. I have often felt confused and stuck in life, like a lost soul in a seemingly intimidating world. For a long time, I had tried to ignore the pain and the restlessness by smoking excessive amounts of marihuana. It is definitely not always easy to be confronted with what I had decided to ignore for a long time. But, with expanding my awareness, I come to increasingly understand that all of it, even the tragedies, are part of a much bigger picture and all is part of my own growth. I now have managed to stop smoking marihuana, because I came to understand this. I want to feel everything because it is part of my growing consciousness, even if it is unpleasant at times. I must say that quitting smoking weed was not even a primary goal when I started this, I even had trouble with defining and admitting this as an addiction. However, over time I understood I was only distracting myself continuously in order to not have to look inside, and in order to not have to deal with pain. Before, I saw emotional pain as something terrible one had to avoid as much as possible. Now, I feel this is just part of my human experience and once you focus on it, it is just emotions that are passing by. I find this understanding exhilarating and I am thrilled to experience what other insights of clarity it will bring me.

I have been feeling much more at peace and more accepting of where I am, who I am and my environment. I feel much lighter than before. Since this journey has started, I discovered that my emotions are not something to be scared of and that I can feel and express them fully without them defining who I am, without judgement. I came to understand that my emotions of fear come from my own self-image that I create.  In the rather short time that I am practicing the Isha system I feel more empowered to face my fears and old sadness.  I feel freer and increasingly able to expand my comfort zone step by step. Instead of feeling fearful of what is to come, I feel excited, inspired and eagerly attracted to the unknown. I am incredibly happy and grateful for this gift that was given to me by my dear teacher, who provides undivided, honest and loving support by sharing her knowledge, expertise and personal experiences. I cannot wait to experience the ways in which this is going to develop and unfold further. ”

M. G. , learned in Berlin 2015, from the Netherlands. 

Retreat in an Isha Center 

….Thanks to the great support of the teachers I could get to some very old feelings of lack and could release them. It is difficult to describe how you feel after releasing something that has bothered you all your life. It is simply amazing….” Axel Kranz, 49 years, Germany

Full text:

Two years ago I found by coincidence the book from Isha “Why walk when you can fly”. The work with the facets fascinated me and I felt a positive effect on my life. But I just used them here and there.

After 18 years in different management positions in a good company I decided that life must keep something different for me. So I decided to quit this interesting and secure job to search for a job that connects me with my heart. 2 days after I gave in my notice I received Isha’s newsletter for “One month of consciousness” including the Mega retreat with Isha. As I believe in fate I thought that this was apparently the place where I could set up my mind about what to do professionally afterwards. So I went to Manzanillo.

But then everything changed and my life took a completely different direction. The first week was the Mega with Isha. We unified (meditated) a lot, had meetings and had a lot of fun as well. In the second meeting with Isha I explained my search for the “job of my heart” to her. Her answer was as simple as formidable: “No job will ever make you feel happy if you don’t love yourself. But if you love yourself you can make every job and you will feel fulfilled.”

It took me only some more days to realize how right she was. Even after having done a lot of meditation I still didn’t really love myself. And so it became my first priority to develop my self-esteem and to learn how to love myself. And during the following weeks a lot happened. Thanks to the great support of the teachers I could get to some very old feelings of lack and could release them. It is difficult to describe how you feel after releasing something that has bothered you all your life. It is simply amazing. Since the end of the month in Manzanillo I feel very relaxed with everything and enjoy my life much more than I did before.

But I also realised that there are still some very old fears left. Therefore I then decided to participate next year in the 6-months program. So instead of going home to search for a new “fulfilling” job I now prepare for the 6-months program (learning some Spanish for example – to be able to communicate even with the participants that don’t speak English). And I am really looking forward to this intensive time of self-development.

Summarised I can say that the month in Manzanillo including the retreat with Isha really changed my life. I am very grateful for that.

Axel Kranz, 49 years, Germany


Isha System Student

“…this system completely changed my perception and as a result my life is totally transformed.” M.H., Ireland.

Full text:

Sometimes I wondered what life was about.  Why it had to be so hard.  Why people had to be so annoying.

I was often stressed, worried and scared.  Not that I would ever admit that to anyone!!!!  Instead I put a smile on my face and just got on with things.  And I was very successful but never totally happy with anything I achieved.

Then I learned a system that completely changed my perception and as a result my life totally transformed.

I found it by accident.  I read a book called “Why Walk when you can fly?” by a lady called Isha Judd. I didn’t realise how much it would change my life.  I always felt that I wasn’t good enough in some way and that I had to work very hard to earn love and appreciation.  This book taught me a system that completely transformed this perception into one of self-esteem and self-appreciation.  As a result I became much more myself, with less need for external approval, able to enjoy using all my talents to the full for the sheer joy of doing so.  As a result I’m the best I can be and now get all the appreciation I previously tried so hard to win. The approval is nice but really not so important to me anymore.

This system is really simple to practice. I did everything the book outlined every day and after about two months started to notice a difference in my reactions. I was no longer stressed by challenging situations in work or home, I felt bursts of joy as I walked around the office, I felt peaceful, I felt well and I was connecting with people at a deeper level than I ever did before.

After some time practicing I went to Isha’s centre in Uruguay for a mega intensive retreat with her and things got even better.

This system was and is the answer to all my hopes and dreams of a beautiful life. I feel so lucky to have found it so I want to share with others.  I found the results in my life so amazing that I went to Uruguay last year for seven months and trained as a facilitator.  I still have a great job in a company but I teach this in my spare time in Ireland where I live.

If you could do with more self-esteem, more self-confidence or wish you weren’t so dependent on others for approval, check out the book on Amazon or visit their website www.ishajudd.com.  Isha Judd also has free videos on youtube.  Maybe this could be the answer for you too.  You will know if it is because it will resonate with you.

I wish I found it sooner but really it doesn’t matter because the rest of my life will benefit from it.

M. H., Ireland

One thought on “TESTIMONIALS

  1. Diana Zirbel

    I highly recommend Victoria as a completion process practioner. She is such a loving person opening up her heart to every client in depth, listening and feeling into each of us with great patience and acceptance. I have been to quite a number of therapists before and I mostly did get some help yet nothing could ever be compared to Victorias work as a completion process practitioner. Her capacity and willingness to embody unconditional presence and her being with me in an utterly compassionate way, always having my best interest at heart, helped me feeling safe where mistrust has been one of my biggest issues before and enabled me to dive into levels that were by far deeper than before. As a medical doctor devoted to her work with her patients she has profound knowledge of the human psyche and is a master of all sort of helpful techniques and interventions. I just can´t tell you how much she helped me when I needed assistance and was lost in extreme emotional turmoil.
    If you are thinking of getting yourself some help from a wonderful completion process practitioner don´t wait to make an appointment right away!

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