You can have a private session with me to assist you with emotional release, health issues or life coaching .

PRICE: Every prospective client is guaranteed one, completely free of charge 30 minute consultation. After my initial free consultation, new clients are sent an invoice. My rate will be -for a limited amount of time- 60 €  per hour/on line Session. It can be payed by PayPal or Bank transfer.

Remember it is important to follow up at least one other time to clarify doubts, motivate, stabilize routines, go deeper.

In case you are going through a tough economical phase or are a refugee or any kind of person who needs assistance and is in confusion as to where to turn to, let me know and we’ll find a personalized solution. Everyone deserves help 🙂

“Bring me your suffering.
The rattle roar of broken bones.

Bring me the riot in your heart.
Angry, wild and raw.

Bring it all.

I’m not afraid of the dark.”

Mia Hollow

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