Support meetings

Support meetings are designed to provide a space for all those who have learnt the Isha System©, where they can practice the Facets  in group with eyes closed (meditate), share their experiences and express how they are feeling.

The meetings provide a unique opportunity for growth, allowing the individual to free themselves from accumulated emotions and fears, to practice being vulnerable and honest and to receive direct support from the Isha teachers/facilitators.

For Northern Europe they are all Tuesdays, 20 hs. Berlin time. If you live in this city, you can come in person! And if you don’t, you can participate through Skype.

If you learned the complete seminar of the Isha System with a facilitator or teacher, you can participate. Find me at: victoria.abdelnur2, please send a message telling me where and when did you learn and I will add you.


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