Components of the System

The Isha System© offers a practical solution to the collective search of humanity: a comprehensive method for inner growth and the expansion of consciousness.

The Isha System© consists of the practice of seven components:

1. Isha meditation
2. Focus on consciousness during regular activities
3. Feeling your emotions
4. Physical exercise
5. Drinking lots of water
6. Being real and completely human
7. Always speaking your truth

The last two components are made clearer in advanced meetings, retreats and intensives organized by facilitators or at the Isha Centers in Uruguay and Mexico.


The facets are very specific phrases, with a point of attention in different parts of the body, depending on their objective. For example deep in the heart or chest area, or going up from the base of the spine towards the top of the head. This phrases stimulate both brain hemispheres at the same time generating more harmonious waves, with words that inspire high-vibrational emotions like appreciation, gratitude, love and unity. They also address and revert false, stressful beliefs we usually have about ourselves and our human experience, or that make us feel separate from the rest of the world.

The practice of the facets constitutes a meditation practice, that takes you very deep very fast, triggering at the same time neurological pathways and emotions related to old trauma. This makes whatever is not peace and joy come out to the surface, to be healed.

Through the practice of these practical tools your internal consciousness expands quickly. You will immediately start to feel more peace and joy in the present moment. They develop personal experience rather than concepts and theory, providing a direct route to anyone wishing to explore their true nature.

The facets themselves are profound expressions of unconditional love. They bring our attention away from the concerns and preoccupations of the intellect, anchoring our awareness in the silent depths of our being. Established in this internal experience, we begin to live life from the heart. When this happens, everything changes, from the inside out.


We also use the Facets of the Isha System with our eyes open. Every time we think them, they bring our awareness directly into the experience of love-consciousness, also called the observer, inner presence.

Love-consciousness is the unconditional love within all beings, an experience of presence that keeps expanding when we dive deep within ourselves. It is not strange or ethereal, but something very concrete and natural.

By focusing on this experience when using the facets, it begins to permeate every aspect of our lives, resulting in an inner state no longer depends on the shifting sands of the world around us. We find true freedom, letting go of the need to control or manipulate our surroundings in order to be happy.

“To sit in love-consciousness is to sit in the silence. I call it the roaring silence, because sometimes it’s so silent, it’s loud. When you are sitting in love-consciousness, even in the midst of great noise, the silence will be louder.”Isha Judd.


Many of us have learnt to abandon our feelings from a very early age. Maybe our parents told us that crying was a sign of weakness, or that it was inappropriate to get angry. These suppressed emotions have not disappeared: they lie deep within us, slowly building up until they explode in bursts of rage or drawn out depressions.

As your experience of love-consciousness expands, your emotions will start to flow more spontaneously. When this happens, it is important to allow yourself to feel them, without judgment. This is quite different to getting caught up in the drama or the suffering. For example, if we are sad, we allow ourselves to cry! If we are angry, we scream in a pillow, punch a punching bag or mattress, or do physical exercise to move the energy.

It is by embracing the shifting extremes of our emotions that we find true peace, not through repression or denial. Children are a perfect example of this. They live totally in the moment, and they never judge themselves. They are real, vulnerable and innocent. Because of this, most of the time, they are happy–they don’t hold on to their emotions, so they move very quickly.


When we are unifying (meditating), it is not only our perception that is changing. The vibratory shift that occurs when we think the facets affects the entire nervous system. As the frequency of love-consciousness enhances the nature of our molecular structure, the body starts to upgrade.

In the presence of a high vibration, any low vibrations naturally move towards the higher. When this happens during unification, everything that vibrates on a low frequency within the body–toxins, stress and physical tension–begins to fall away naturally.

You can help your body remove the stress and toxins that are surfacing by getting some exercise. Any kind of exercise is useful—walking, running, dancing, swimming, yoga . . . any sport or physical activity that you enjoy.


Another way to help the body in its healing process is to drink water. The body uses liquid to flush out the toxins that are being released during unification, and so it dehydrates quicker than usual. Because of this, it is important to drink at least one and a half liters of water per day. This will help your body eliminate the stress that is leaving. If you are not used to drinking a lot of water, try keeping a bottle on your desk or bedside table, and drinking from it every time you remember. In any case, you will find that your body naturally starts asking for water, and you will start to feel thirsty, as you become more aware of its needs.


The experience of love-consciousness vibrates in truth. When we live from this space, the masks and false postures we have adopted from society to protect what we perceive as our inherent imperfections, feel increasingly uncomfortable. In order to experience unconditional love of self, they must be removed. By allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, like small children, we return to this state of acceptance, embracing our humanity in its perfection.


In modern society, we have learnt to often lie. We lie in order to please others and receive their approval. We lie in order to defend ourselves, to hide the parts of ourselves we have learnt to judge as wrong or inappropriate. We think, it’s just a little lie… but there are hundreds of them! Our greatest fear is to not receive approval. We so desperately want to be loved.

When we start the journey back home to ourselves, we start to speak our truth.

Speaking the truth is like a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger your awareness of being truthful will become.


“What this system proposes is the opportunity to experience unconditional love of self. To experience heaven on earth, surrendered in every moment and flowing with the changes of the universe. To live in the here and now, embracing the abundance, the beauty and the magic of life. To perceive the perfection of your creation, and enjoy its duality. As you change your perception, you will find that this human experience can become the most exciting, wonderful, inspiring, enlightening game that has ever existed.”Isha Judd

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