Honoring light workers

Teal Swan

I’ve recently discovered the amazing Teal Swan. She is incredibly intuitive, perceptive, eloquent, intelligent. Truly a soul of the coming age, so in contact with Source (as she calls it, love- or ultimate- consciousness, as Isha would name it) I’m reading her latest book “Shadows before dawn”. It is so packed with useful information. And her videos, they resonate with so much truth for me. I’m surprised and so very pleased, I feel her like a soul sister.

Right now watching her -excellent- youtube video “Spirituality 2.0”: “The way to end suffering is not to go in the direction of joy, it is to walk into the eye of the storm into your own suffering”.

I agree so truly. First stop running away from ourselves by “following desire” (or more appropiately “cravings/addictions”, which is different), stop and be with what we don’t want to feel. Growth does not happen in comfort. But not everyone is ready (or not everyone’s path starts there). Sometimes we have to chase and fulfil every little want, until we realise it is not working and we are still miserable. And only THEN stop. Stop and face ourselves, with a regular practice of meditation, of feeling our emotions, of saying our truth, of opening up to our sincere mirrors and have the courage to see us with integrity.

As C. G. Jung said: “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

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