Who created this system?

The Isha System was created by Isha Judd, an Australian who experienced enlightenment 11 months after she started using this meditation + feeling deeply her emotions + using tools she learned and also received via insights. Everything she did to achieve her now constant experience of union, she put it together in a method which is simple to teach to other people, and named it “The Isha System”.

Who can teach it?

To be able to teach this method, one must go through one of two very intense trainings, the first is called the “Facilitators program”, that lasts 7 months, and the second is the “Teachers training”, where you leave absolutely everything behind and live like a “modern-day monk” for 2 years or more. I did the second. Twice. And lived with Isha for more than 5 years.

How was your training?

My training entailed first: 8 or more hours of meditation per day, 1 hour morning Yoga, 2 hours of group meetings where we felt our emotions and practiced raw vulnerability and authenticity, half to an hour of running, dancing or any other cardio in the afternoon, for 9 months.

We did a profound physical and emotional detox, eating only fruits during the day and a small vegetarian dinner at night. A trainee looses in average around 10 kg. during this period.

We drank only water or herbal teas. No coffee, no smoking, no reading, no internet, no sex. Nothing that we could use to entertain / distract / ease the pain or discomfort of being in contact with ourselves 24/7.

After this period and only if we were able to speak from consciousness, be vulnerable and authentic, we would start going out to teach the system in different spaces. From private business seminars to free ones in prisons, we visited all kinds of environments and institutions.

What kind of people have you taught?

Since 2002, I have taught to all kinds of individuals in 10 different countries. From professionals in Italy, ex-guerrilla members in Colombia, orphans in Paraguay, to high-security prisoners in Brazil. I provided support to actresses, dancers, football players, politicians, housewives, students, businessmen, yogis, tantrikas and professionals in all fields.

Hundreds of thousands of people practise the system daily in Latin America, where Isha has her two beautiful centers, to provide a space for teacher trainings and retreats.