Physical health

As a licensed physician in Germany and Argentina, I have a scientific but also a deep, compassionate, intuitive and integrative understanding of health. I am a new kind of doctor, that will see you whole, not only as a “biological machine”, but as an emotional, social, spiritual and also physical being. Some call it mind-body within integrative medicine.

If you are suffering from any kind of illness and would like to find the deeper causes of it, be them emotional, spiritual, nutritional, related to your relationships, to your behaviors (psychological in general) or physical needs, ask for a session with me.

I will research and guide you to shine light on the matter. Many times connecting to emotions that might be triggering the physical problems, other times helping you deal with them in order for you to heal faster or increase your quality of life.

You will be heard and seen. Held in a safe space. Your needs will be addressed in a personalised manner, using methods and tools from hard science as well as psychological and spiritual knowledge.

Initial consultation might take 1 to 3 hours, in person or through Skype. I will ask you for any medical results or studies you might have available.

Because of the nature of the therapy, which takes time and embraces different techniques, I am right now accepting only private patients. For more info on payment feel free to ask me directly.