Victoria Abdelnur is a licensed medical doctor in Germany and Argentina, a Teal Swan’s Completion Process Practitioner and certified Isha System © Facilitator.

While studying Medicine at the National University of La Plata, Argentina, she felt the need to address the huge knowledge gaps of the mainstream education, spending years learning also about alternative ways of healing.

Zen, Osho-dynamic meditations, Merkabah, Reiki, Dance and Somatic-therapy, Massage, Conscious Touch, Shiatsu, Hypnosis, NLP, Progressive muscle relaxation, Tantra, Bioenergetics and Ayahuasca retreats were part of her trainings and explorations, until she discovered the Isha System.

The incredible effectiveness of the method inspired her to -after graduation- go live with Isha Judd at her ashrams and do the teacher training, dedicating fully to a deep process lasting around 6 years, including 2 years of intense training with 6-8 hours of meditation per day plus physical and emotional detoxification.

During those years she traveled as an instructor, sometimes personal assistant and translator of Isha, to different countries like Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Brasil, teaching thousands of students from all walks of life. She gave private Seminars for up to 400 people at once, social service Seminars for ex-guerrilla members in Colombia, orphans in Paraguay, prisoners in Brazil. She provided support to actresses, dancers, football players, politicians, housewives, students, businessmen, yogis, tantrikas and professionals from all fields.

As a doctor she has worked in Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay in General Medicine, Psychosomatic and Emotional Health. In Germany in Internal Medicine (Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Havelhöhe Berlin), and Emotional Health in private office. She approaches medicine in an integrative way, giving special attention to the emotions and their influence on the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

After 15 years of practice in the field of emotional health and consciousness, she met Teal Swan and decided to train with her as a Completion Process Practitioner. Between 400 people inscribed to do the training, Teal personally chose 24.  Victoria was one of them.

She is currently concentrated in

1. Giving Personal sessions to heal emotional trauma & increase awareness,

2. Leading Group sessions to support her patients, and

3. Organizing workshops with these new healing modalities.

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