Emotional Release

Maybe you are going through a break-up, you are overwhelmed by a work or a family conflict. Maybe you have recently been diagnosed with an illness and have no clarity about what to do, feel a lack of energy or you get sick with colds or the flu often. Perhaps you simply know that you have emotional pains that were not dealt with and you still carry them with you.

Life situations can provoke intense emotions that sometimes feel “stuck”, maybe we think what happened should not make us feel so deeply. We cannot cry, or we cry but it does not bring relief, or we feel tense and upset and don’t know what to do with it. We judge ourselves for having so intense emotions and, although we reach for clarity, we cannot find it. Is that your case?

Sometimes we just get sick often and we know our immune system is a bit down, but we have no idea why. This could also be a symptom ofunfelt emotions and heightened chronic stress.

Other times we need to talk to someone who will simply listen, without giving advice, and maybe give us a hug or hold us for a while when we need it.

In those situations, I can support and guide you to be able to connect, feeling your emotions deeply in a safe and non-judgmental space, bringing a profound release and awareness to those parts of you you cannot seem to reach by yourself.

Unconscious wounds, patterns (also called “shadows”) can have an immense influence in our health and well-being, and we can rarely reach them alone.

Instead, with the support of a professional who can hold you with profound presence and years of focused experience, you can decrease or heal the power of painful memories and trauma in an simple, fast, safe way.

We will use dialogue, emotional release, mindfulness, meditation and other tools I have acquired through my formal education in medicine, profound knowledge of psychology, intuition, bodywork and experience with thousands of individuals in four Continents. If the session is done in person, when needed, we might also use (fully clothed) conscious touch and therapeutic holding or hugging.

Starting already on the first session, you will feel more relaxed and clear, with an over-all increased sense of well-being. It is very likely that physical symptoms related to specific stress-situations will decrease or disappear.

First session might take from 1 to 2 hours. To deal effectively with emotional crisis and help establish healthy behaviors and routines, it is important to follow up with more.