Stress management for Doctors: Free Talk 16.04.15 Berlin

Dearest colleagues,

I´m a medical doctor from Argentina now living in Germany, and I would like to invite you all to a free Introductory Talk on an anti-stress method called the Isha System© this next Thursday 16th of April at 19 hs that I will be giving in Berlin.

I´m writing this invitation specially for you, because I think we have these desires in common: to be a better, more integrative doctor, and to enjoy and have a happy and full life even when working in such a demanding job.

The Isha System has helped me immensely in my practice, increasing my empathy, capacity to focus, communicate effectively with patients and collegues and relax. It has also decreased very much the amount of pain and stress triggered by being in daily contact with suffering and the overall pressure at work.

Since I practice this method I have been able to work with patients feeling a deep sense of empathy and compassion, without bringing their suffering home with me. I find it is an essential tool for doctors, so that we can understand our patients, perceive clearly what they are going through, make better diagnosis, and -because we don’t ache with their afflictions- remain approachable, without having to build ¨a wall to protect us¨.

On my personal life, it has helped me get out of a chronic mild depression, bulimia, addiction to amphetamines and stress-induced chronic gastritis. Right now I don´t take any medication, not even an aspirin, unless there is an urgent need.

Here in Germany it is estimated that 1 in 5 medical doctors suffer from Burnout syndrom, some sources state that up to 60 % have it. But even if you are not already there, I find it esential to have a method to help us decrease our level of stress and connect us to our inner calm, something that we can practice not only at home but also at the Hospital / Praxis and daily activities. This system gives you that.


The Isha System is a method with 7 simple tools for personal growth and the expansion of consciousness/awareness. It does not have a belief system or theories, it is easy for anyone to incorporate into a busy lifestyle and its daily use naturally and effectively improves our physical, emotional and mental health.

One of the tools is a practice very similar to meditation, that ANYONE can practice, with eyes closed, to nurture the observer, and with eyes open, to remain centered, in the present moment, during the whole day.

If you have heard and are curious about Mindfullness you will find the Isha System amazing.


—To improve stress-related symptoms or ilnesses that are worsened by stress like gastritis, insomnia, panic attacks, certain skin rashes, burnout.

—To interrupt the constant flow of thoughts and nurture your observer.

—To remain centered, in the present moment, during your daily activities

—To create a satisfying work/life balance

—To love yourself more

—To enjoy more each moment, like a kid, instead of double-guessing yourself all the time

—To boost your immune system (due to diminished basal sympathetic activity) or accelerate physical recovery

—To heal or improve past emotional trauma

—To help free yourself from an addiction

—To develop empathy and intuition

—To have more clarity

—To cultivate loving and empowering relationships

— To increase confidence and passion for life.


Thursday 16th of April, 19 hs.



Lobeckstrasse 30 – 35, 10969

U8 Moritzplatz

Buses: 140 (Prinzenstr./Ritterstr.) or M29 (Moritzplatz)

If you come from the Ritterstr., then ca 20-30 meters before the crossroad with the Lobeckstr look to the right, there should be a BIG PINK LETTER D visible on a red building, this is the entrance to the room 214.


The Talk will be given in English, with German translation in case of need.


The 2-day Seminar, (where one can learn all the techniques, understand the method in depth and practice it for several hours), will be in May 2015, 23th and 24th, from 10 to 17 hs. If tickets are bought in advance, it costs € 150 per person for both days. Bought at the door it will be € 200.

To get tickets for the Seminar:

If you have questions/feeback feel free to reach me at:

with my best regards,

Victoria Abdelnur

Medical Doctor and certified Isha System © Facilitator

For more info you can check out the Meetup Events: 



About Victoria Abdelnur

She is a medical doctor with an open and inquisitive mind, who soon realized that the University curricula is full of  ¨give this pill for this problem¨, and not enough “what else to do when the patient is under stress or emotional pain¨.  Addressing the huge knowledge gaps of the mainstream medicine education, she spent her free time on learning about alternative ways of healing.  Studying and experimenting lead her to different techniques, like Osho-dynamic and Zen meditations, Merkabah, Reiki, Dance-therapy, Massage, Shiatsu, Hypnosis, NLP, Tantra and Ayahuasca retreats, until she discovered the Isha System.

After 3 months of practise, her chronic dysthymia, amphetamine addiction, bulimia and complete mind/heart disconnection were gone. The incredible effectiveness of the method inspired her to go and live with Isha in her ashram and do the teacher training, dedicating her life to a deep process lasting 9 months, and later 5 more years as a teacher at the Isha centers.

During those years she traveled to Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Brasil, teaching thousands of students from all walks of life. She gave private Seminars for 300 to a dozen people, social service seminars for ex-guerrilla members in Colombia, orphans in Paraguay, prisoners in Brazil. She provided support to medical doctors, actresses, dancers, football players, politicians, housewives, students, businessmen and profesionals in all fields.

Victoria’s life as a monk/teacher allowed a deep growth, until it was time to bring this inner experience to the ¨outside world¨.

She has worked as a medical doctor in General Medicine in Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay, Internal Medicine in Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Havelhöhe and Emotional Health in a private Praxis in Berlin. She is currently concentrated on teaching the Isha System and the first Seminar will be in May 23th and 24th.


About burnout in the medical profession,oid,31762/lang,1/ticket,g_u_e_s_t/~/Burnout_bei_jedem_f%C3%BCnften_Arzt.html

TEST to check if you might have burnout syndrom:

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